Pros on Jaguar

Safet Skeric

(Oliver Schmidt hair salon, Düsseldorf, Germany)

“When working with our customers, we believe only the best products will do. We look at our work tools the same way. Ever since I started my apprenticeship, 20 years ago, Jaguar has always stood for dependable top quality and innovation. And I rightly tell my staff that to this day. Only a pair of Jaguar scissors cuts like a pair of Jaguar scissors!”

Cindy Smith

(Salon "Cuts", Portland/Oregon, USA)

"Jaguar shears are smooth! They always give a clean precise cut. I feel confident with Jaguar. They are sharp, easy to use and perfectly balanced."

Lee Stafford

(Salons in Brighton, Leigh On Sea und London, UK)

"I found the Jaguar Diamond to be very comfortable, well balanced and extremely sharp, ideally suited to the type of haircutting I like to do."

David Lammich

(University instructor at the FAW and actor, Cologne, Germany)

“Jaguar scissors are the sharpest scissors. They give me the freedom to be creative and fit the user’s hand amazingly. I’m also impressed by how long the products last.”

Gregor Drapalla

(Drapalla HAARMODEN, Ludwigsburg, Germany)

"Jaguar scissors feature a long-lasting quality, they lie conveniently in the hand from the very beginning. Above all, the finish of the blades offers unlimited possibilities."

Christopher Moody

(International stylist and platform stylist, Darfield/Barnsley, UK)

"I have been using Jaguar shears and clippers for over 10 years now. As well as working in the salon I travel all over the world giving seminars and shows to stylists from the USA to the Far East. I always use Jaguar shears for these events. The work that I do requires that my shears are perfectly balanced, expertly engineered and incredibly sharp, that's why I always choose Jaguar 4 and 5 star shears. I have worked and demonstrated at every major trade show in the world and I believe the Jaguar Diamond shears and the Jaguar Finesse shears are the best value for money shears on the market today. For built quality, balance and overall performance, in my opinion, they cannot be beaten."

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