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Weight 210g


The comb set JAGUAR A-LINE ORANGE immediately catches the eye with its special colour. It includes 9 different comb models. From a hair comb for curls to men’s hairstyling, our comb set JAGUAR A-LINE ORANGE offers a large selection and the right comb for any style. The combs are also antistatic, so they prevent hair from taking on an additional charge. We also offer the A-LINE comb set in many different colors, including PINK and CORAL.

Material and Ergonomics

These professional, antistatic combs are made from high-quality plastic. All comb models are resistant to heat and exposure to chemicals. Additional rounding of the teeth is gentle on the hair and scalp, so the comb glides smoothly through the hair. The hair combs feature an especially eye-catching design thanks to the warm orange shade.

Products Included

The comb set JAGUAR A-LINE ORANGE encompasses cutting combs in 4 different sizes, 2 tail combs, one universal comb, one handle comb and one form comb. The 9 different models come packed in a handy case, so you have all your combs ready right away at a glance and can store them securely.


  • 9 comb models in a handy case
  • Antistatic effect
  • Fashionable design

Our Service


Each pair of scissors loses its initial sharpness after a while - always depending on how intensively you work with the them. Your JAGUAR scissors are professionally serviced and resharpened. Your scissors will perform optimally in any desired position and at any selected cutting angle, and the edge sharpness will be maintained.

Our Service

Care tips

Useful tips

Clean the blades and the pivot area of your JAGUAR scissors daily with a soft cloth. Then apply a drop of JAGUAR Maintenance Oil to the pivot area to achieve optimum cutting performance. Open and close the scissors several times to distribute the oil.

Care tips