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Handle position Offset
Steel stainless chromium steel
EAN-Code 4030363106435
Weight 32g
Special features finger support surface, removable finger rest
Cutting edge / blade micro-serration
Left-/right-handed right
Surface satin-finish / matt
Scissors size 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 5.25, 5.75
Color silver
Product surface satin finish / matt
Screw connection Vario

Hairdressing Scissors JAGUAR RELAX

The hairdressing scissors RELAX from JAGUAR offer good quality, reliable and favorably priced. These hairdressing scissors feature a satin finish look and offset design and are perfect as a basic model for any stylist. Available in various configurations. This model with micro serration on one side is also available in a polished finish look as hairdressing scissors RELAX P or as RELAX SLICE. There is also a BASIC SET RELAX, which includes the RELAX together with the matching texturing scissors RELAX 28. The hair scissors JAGUAR RELAX are also available in a left-handed version.

Blade and Edge

Blades with a flat cutting angle offer excellent sharpness. Micro serration on one side of these hairdressing scissors prevents hair from slipping.

Steel and Surface

Crafted in stainless specialty steel, these hairdressing scissors offer reliable quality, Made in Germany. The brass-tone screw and finger rest make for an appealing contrast to the matte silver finish of the hairdressing scissors.

Ergonomics and Movement of the Scissors

It’s your choice! The RELAX is available in several sizes: 5.0”, 5.5”, and 6.0”. The RELAX with offset handle shape and additionally angled thumb ring ensures an ergonomic hand position. The removable finger rest offers a comfortable place to rest your little finger, allowing for stability when guiding the hairdressing scissors. Make sure the tension is adjusted perfectly. Too loose? Too tight? The VARIO screw lets you adjust the tension perfectly. It’s very easy to do using a coin. The RELAX is also available in a left-handed version (5.25” and 5.75”). It mirrors the right-handed hairdressing scissors, fits perfectly in the hand and thus offers natural movement.

Products Included

Each pair of PRE STYLE hairdressing scissors comes with the matching finger ring inserts. To prevent pressure points from forming, we use only superior-quality finger ring inserts made in Germany for all our JAGUAR hairdressing scissors. This means the hairdressing scissors fit the hand securely and comfortable.


  • Hairdressing scissors with offset handle shape
  • Solid basic scissors
  • Satin finish look
  • Made in Germany
  • VARIO screw system for easy adjustment and perfect cutting action
  • High-quality finger ring inserts

Our Service


Each pair of scissors loses its initial sharpness after a while - always depending on how intensively you work with the them. Your JAGUAR scissors are professionally serviced and resharpened. Your scissors will perform optimally in any desired position and at any selected cutting angle, and the edge sharpness will be maintained.

Our Service

Care tips

Useful tips

Clean the blades and the pivot area of your JAGUAR scissors daily with a soft cloth. Then apply a drop of JAGUAR Maintenance Oil to the pivot area to achieve optimum cutting performance. Open and close the scissors several times to distribute the oil.

Care tips