Heat-resistant round brushes and versatile styling brushes in exclusive JAGUAR quality.

Heat-resistant round brushes and versatile styling brushes in exclusive JAGUAR quality. read more »
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Heat-resistant round brushes and versatile styling brushes in exclusive JAGUAR quality.

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The biggest advantage of a round brush is its versatility:
Volume and fullness:
 round brushes give your hair volume and fullness. Brushing and blow-drying creates natural curls and waves.
Smoothing and styling: With a round brush, you can smooth and shape your hair at the same time. It is suitable for both straight and curly hair.
Freshly styled look: Round brushes allow you to achieve professional styling that lasts all day. They give your hair a well-groomed look.
Quick drying: The combination of brushing and blow-drying dries the hair faster. The longer the round brush, the faster the hair dries.

Here we tell you everything you need to know about round brushes and how to choose the right one.  

Types of JAGUAR round brushes and their areas of application:

There are different types of wheel brushes in our range, each of which fulfils different purposes:
Round brushes with synthetic bristles: these are good for thick or curly hair and make styling easier.
Thermal brushes: These brushes have a heatable surface and allow the hair to be dried and shaped quickly.
Antistatic brushes: The smooth, seamless aluminium cylinder of JAGUAR hairbrushes is made of ionised material, which has an antistatic effect and therefore counteracts flyaway hair.
Avoid static electricity in your hair with the right round brush: Have you ever experienced this? After brushing, your hair sometimes stands out electrostatically charged. Don't worry, there's a solution! Simply choose the right brush bristles to avoid this problem.
Ceramic coating: Many round brushes come with a ceramic coating that protects your hair from static electricity.
Ionised material: Another great option are brushes with ionised material. This material makes your hair smooth and shiny during brushing.

To find the perfect round brush for you, you need to keep two things in mind:

Your own hair structure and the styling result you want. A particularly large brush is ideal for curly hair. Brushes with shorter bristles are ideal for frizzy hair. And remember to adjust the brush length to your hair length:
Long hair: Grab a brush with a length of around 70 mm.
Medium-length hair: A length of around 60 mm is ideal.
Short hair: Brushes with a length of 55 mm or shorter are great for short hair.

With the right round brush, you can achieve professional hairstyles in no time at all - and without any annoying static electricity!

Materials and sizes: What is available?

Round brushes are available in different materials and sizes:
Plastic handles: These are durable and easy to clean.
Bristle material: Plastic bristles are hard-wearing and easy to clean.
Diameter: The diameter of the brush influences the styling result. Choose the right size depending on hair length and desired effect.
ECO LONG IONIC - The extra-long brush body covers wide sections of hair and saves an enormous amount of time when styling long hair in particular.


Tips for use:

Dry hair: Use the JAGUAR round brush preferably with dry hair to achieve optimum results.
Blow-drying: Aim the blow dryer at the brush to shape the hair and add volume.
Sectioning: Divide your hair into sections to make styling easier. Use our round brushes with a pull-out pin at the end of the handle.

Care and cleaning

Cleaning: Regularly remove hair and dust from the bristles.
Hygiene: Wash the brush occasionally with mild shampoo and lukewarm water.
Storage: Store the brushes in a dry place to prevent mould growth.

Round brushes for different hair types

Fine hair: Use a small round brush for more volume.
Thick hair: A larger round brush with plastic bristles makes styling easier.
Curly hair: Choose a thermal brush for quick and effective styling.

Discover our top recommendations

Immerse yourself in the world of high-quality round brushes from JAGUAR, which guarantee professional styling results. These exclusive styling brushes are the perfect choice for hairdressers and anyone who values quality and functionality at home. Here we present some of our favourites:

These round brushes are equipped with a high-quality copper-ceramic coating that ensures optimum heat distribution while you style your hair.
Thanks to this technology, you can achieve a professional styling result. The ultra heat-resistant bristles enable effective styling. Even at high temperatures, the bristles remain intact and give you maximum control over your hair. In addition, our hairbrush offers an anti-static effect that reduces unwanted frizz and static. Your hair stays smooth and shiny without looking frizzy. The rounded bristle tips are particularly gentle on the scalp and prevent irritation during brushing.

Enjoy a pleasant and relaxed styling experience. The non-slip handle of the brush is equipped with a practical pin for sectioning the hair, giving you additional control and precision when styling.

JAGUAR ONE - Series round brushes:
The ONE-SERIES offers professional hairdressers all the features that make a good brush stand out: the aluminium body ensures perfectly fast styling, the innovative one-piece brush body ensures stability and prevents annoying pinching of the hair. The ergonomic handle offers a great look and a very soft feel. The name says it all: ‘One’ stands for the one-piece brush body; the diameter of the body indicates the individual brush. The brushes in the JAGUAR ONE SERIES are available in sizes 16, 25, 33, 43 and 53 mm. So there is something for every style, every hair length and every hair density.

JAGUAR T-Series Long:
The round brushes are medium-sized, high-quality, heat-resistant and heat-conducting professional blow-dry brushes that are a true all-round talent for professional hairdressers. NEW: ECO LONG IONIC - The extra-long brush body covers wide hair sections and saves an enormous amount of time when styling long hair in particular. It makes hair styling easier and ensures shorter drying times when blow-drying hair.
The brush is particularly suitable for medium-length hair. This makes it possible to create dreamy curls or straighten frizzy hair in a short time. As part of the JAGUAR T-SERIES LONG, these professional round brushes are also available in smaller or larger diameters in our range.

JAGUAR S Series:
The brushes are ideal for conjuring up volume and fullness, especially in long hair. JAGUAR has different variations for every hair type in its programme.

All round brushes from JAGUAR impress with their high-quality materials, heat-resistant bristles and seamless aluminium cylinders. The specially rounded bristles of these brushes are particularly gentle on the scalp. Find the perfect brush for your styling needs and enjoy professional results!


Which round brushes do hairdressers recommend?  
Hairdressers recommend different round brushes depending on hair type and styling needs:
Synthetic bristle round brushes: Ideal for thick or curly hair as they make styling easier.
Thermal brushes: These brushes have a heatable surface and allow hair to be dried and shaped quickly.

Which round brush for which hair length?
Choosing the right round brush depends on the length of your hair:
Short hair: a smaller round brush is ideal for adding volume and shape.
Medium-length hair: A medium-sized brush is ideal for styling and straightening.
Long hair: A larger brush helps with straightening and blow-drying.

What are the benefits of a round brush? 
A round brush offers several advantages:
Volume: it adds volume and fullness to the hair.
Smoothing: Round brushes help to smooth the hair and reduce frizz.
Shaping: They allow you to shape curls and waves.

How to use a round brush?  
Here are some tips on how to use it:
Dry hair: use round brushes preferably with dry hair.
Blow-drying: Aim the blow dryer at the brush to shape the hair.
Sectioning: Divide the hair into sections to make it easier to style. Use our round brushes with a pull-out pin at the end of the handle.

Can I use round brushes on wet hair?
It is better to use round brushes with dry hair to protect the hair and optimise styling.

How often should I clean my round brushes?
Clean your brushes regularly, at least once a week, to achieve optimum results.