To maintain the quality of your scissors in the best possible way, they need to be cared for properly. JAGUAR scissors are made exclusively for cutting natural hair. Also handle your scissors gently. Hard blows, such as dropping on a boy, can damage the scissors. When not in use, the scissors should always be stored in a closed position, be dry and placed on a soft underground.


In addition to the careful handling of the scissors, we recommend you care for them daily. Clean the blades and the pivot area of your JAGUAR scissors daily with a soft cloth and apply a drop of JAGUAR maintenance oil (link to product) to the pivot area. To distribute the oil, open and close the scissors several times. The oil ensures smoother operation, longer-lasting sharpness and optimum cutting performance. If you have a pair of scissors with a flex eye, i.e. a movable thumb eye, we recommend cleaning and oiling there as well.




Optimally adjusted tension ensures smooth opening and closing and a gentle cut. Your scissors will cut in any desired position and the selected cutting angle have an optimal cutting performance and the edge sharpness is retained. Once the tension has been optimally adjusted, you only need to assert a minimum amount of pressure to close the scissors (while cutting).


Check the movement of your scissors daily if possible, or whenever you notice a change in the cutting performance of the scissors.

  • Hold the handle with the thumb ring firmly in your hand. (1)
  • Open the scissors.
  • Now let fall of the other handle. (2)




The scissors of the WHITE LINE and the PRE STYLE scissors from JAGUAR can be easily adjusted thanks to the slotted screw. All other JAGUAR scissors feature patented screws for individual adjustment of tension. These JAGUAR scissors are supplied with an adjusting key. 




After adjusting the screw, the movement should be checked again. If it is still too loose/to tight, repeat the procedure until the correct movement is achieved.



The tention is set too tight. The blades of the scissors could be damaged. Turn the screw counterclockwise with a 1/16. (Equivalent to 3-4 minutes on the dial of a watch).



If the tension is set too loose, the hair could bend or be "pushed" when cutting. Turn the screw clockwise for 1/16. (Equivalent to 3-4 minutes on the dial of a watch).



This ensures that the tension is correctly adjusted for movement. If you close your scissors carefully, you can feel the first contact between the two blades (perception of a very slight resistance). If the adjustment is optimal, no change is necessary.


Disinfection bath: The disinfectant should be mixed in the correct concentration, exactly according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and then placed in a sufficiently large container with a lid. Then the scissors should be opened and placed inside the bath in such a way that they are completely covered by the liquid (Remove finger ring inserts in advance and clean individually). Put the lid on the container to keep the solution from evaporating. The necessary disinfection time is counted starting from when the last object is placed in the bath. Please see the manufacturer’s instructions for the required disinfection time. Disinfectant residue must always be rinsed off under running water to prevent damaging the scissors. After that, use a hair dryer to blow dry the scissors. Then apply a drop of JAGUAR Maintenance Oil to the pivot area. Wipe the scissors with a soft cloth, spreading any remaining oil all around the scissors (including the cutting edges). Leave the scissors open to dry. Coated scissors can be disinfected with no problem using standard commercially available disinfectants. Simply follow the same steps as for all other scissors (see above)

Would you like to learn more about care and disinfection? Then download our special brochure here.