& fake

How to distinguish between a genuine product and a fake

Characteristic scissors shapes, authentic packaging, product names or the JAGUAR logo – counterfeit products make it difficult for buyers to identify fakes at first glance. Moreover, as a customer, the quality of the products is usually only recognized once they are used in the salon. After a very short time, the scissors become blunt and can therefore no longer be put to professional use. The reasons for this are inferior steel quality, poor finishing (e.g. hardening), unprofessional dressing of the scissor trough and poor workmanship of the cutting edges. But these characteristics can usually only be recognized by a scissor expert.

How to detect fakes

With these tips you can be sure to buy an original JAGUAR brand product:Buy only from a dealer you know. At a reliable specialist dealer or in the online shop of JAGUAR you can be sure that you will only be offered original goods. The specialist dealer will also assist you with service and warranty issues. We can help you to find a local dealer. Always get a receipt for your purchase. The invoice should always contain the address of the selling company. Also make sure that the invoice contains not only the brand of scissors, but also the precise name of the model. Quality has its price. If a model you know is offered at a very reasonable price, it might be a fake. Therefore, always use the designated recommended retail price as a guide.   Packaging and logo as signs. Always check if the logo used is actually the original JAGUAR logo. Other packaging also indicates that the goods may be fake.If you are not sure whether the product offered is an original JAGUAR product or a fake, you are welcome to send us an e-mail. There, our staff will check whether the dealer in question is known to JAGUAR, is known and whether it is an original product.

JAGUAR takes active action against counterfeiters

Successful in over 80 countries, JAGUAR stands for quality and design for hairdressers. For some time now, others have also wanted to benefit from this strong brand and make a profit by selling counterfeits. Counterfeiting facilities, especially from Pakistan and China, sell JAGUAR copies all over the world.Jaguar is actively working with dealers and distributors to combat counterfeiters. If a copy is sighted on the market, the distribution channels are traced with the help of lawyers based in the country of the counterfeiter and attempts are made to locate the producers and prevent the distribution of these counterfeit products. A producer in China was discovered some time ago through the additional use of detectives to prosecute these crimes. More than 4,000 copies of JAGUAR products were confiscated by the Chinese authorities and the manufacturer was fined heavily. But we also take active action against dealers of fake hairdressing scissors and other articles of the Solingen-based company's product range.