J-CUT 40 Li


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Weight 400g
Power supply battery and mains operation (2-Way)
Accessories included attachement comb (set), charging stand, Adapter plug, oiler, Reinigungsbürste
Special features LED charge control
Especially used for contours / precision work

Hair Clipper JAGUAR J-CUT 40 Li

The professional hair clipper JAGUAR J-CUT 40 Li does a very good daily job in in every salon, whether for women, men or in the barber area. This hair clipper is perfect for extremely precise short and contoured cut styles, all kinds of detailed work and the finishing touches on any style - while also being powerful with a running time of 2,5 hours. With the supplied attachment combs, cutting length settings can be extended - perfect for complete haircuts, for modeling or trimming beards. The powerful and versatile J-CUT 40 Li promises low-vibration and very quiet, pleasant work at the same time.

Technical specifications

The hair clipper J-CUT 40 Li for battery and mains operation is characterized by a long-life, lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePo4) with a long running time of 150 minutes. The powerful, fast, high-performance motor with three speeds (5000 to 6000 RPM) works reliably for a long time, regardless of hair thickness. Charging time is 1 hour and the J-CUT 40 Li also has a battery status indicator in a LCD display.

Material and ergonomics

The cutting plate is made of high-quality stainless steel and is 30 mm wide. And particularly useful: A quick assembly system helps change the cutting plates easily and without alignment. Weighing only 136 g and having an ergonomical form, the J-CUT 40 Li sits perfectly in the hand and relieves the work of every professional hairdresser and barber.

Products Included

Regular maintenance ensures perfect running and cutting performance of your professional hair clipper. With the Easy-Click-System you can remove the cutting plates quickly and replace them in order to clean your hair clipper with the brush supplied and maintain it with special oil. With the attached comb set, the J-CUT 40 Li offers you more options to implement the latest hair trends. The flexible selection of the four attachments in 1,5 mm, 3 mm, 4,5 mm and 6 mm allows a wide variety of cutting lengths. Delivery also includes a power supply unit with a cable length of 2 m and an associated charging station.

In our online shop, you can purchase a seperate T-Blade 40 mm cutting head with the fitting attachment combs. The cutting head is perfect to use in hard-to-reach areas and a close cut which offers more flexibility.


  • Professional hair clipper for battery and mains operation
  • for extremely precise short and contoured cut styles
  • powerful motor with three speeds (5000 to 6000 RPM) 
  • Long-lasting  lithium iron phosphate battery, long running time
  • battery status indicator
  • low-vibration and very quiet
  • Easy-Click-System for changing the cutting plates

Our Service


Each pair of scissors loses its initial sharpness after a while - always depending on how intensively you work with the them. Your JAGUAR scissors are professionally serviced and resharpened. Your scissors will perform optimally in any desired position and at any selected cutting angle, and the edge sharpness will be maintained.

Our Service

Care tips

Useful tips

Clean the blades and the pivot area of your JAGUAR scissors daily with a soft cloth. Then apply a drop of JAGUAR Maintenance Oil to the pivot area to achieve optimum cutting performance. Open and close the scissors several times to distribute the oil.

Care tips
J-CUT 40 Li