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Color pink
Special features instant cold button, optimal for left handed users
Temperature levels 4
Power 2000-2200 W
Accessories included air nozzle ( 60mm ), air nozzle (75 mm)
Motor AC-Motor
Blower levels 2
WEEE-Reg.Nr. DE 28693396
Voltage 220-240 V


The professional hair dryer JAGUAR HD CALIMA ROSÉ in an eye-catching pink design is a must-have for any salon. Packing a lot of power and heavy air volume, this hair dryer not only allows for rapid drying, but is also wonderful for setting and styling the hair. From short styles that require a lot of body to big hair with a wealth of volume, the various attachment nozzles can be used to vary the stream of air to just what you need. This makes it easy to create smooth styles or playful curls, so you can do anything your client asks for. The HD CALIMA comes in the colour "Rosé" but it is also available in trendy CORAL. A matching diffuser for the HD CALIMA is also available. It is perfect for natural curls if you “scrunch” the hair at the same time. Show your client how to shape their own curls without any complicated hair drying techniques.

Technical Details

Packing a powerful 2000-2200 W at 220-220 V, the HD CALIMA delivers outstanding performance designed especially for stylists. The professional hair dryer features a powerful AC motor and dries the hair in just a short time. This hair dryer offers two blower and four heat settings, so the air volume is outstandingly adjustable to any styling requests your client may make. No matter what the hair type, it’s easy to adjust the HD CALIMA to suit your individual client. And the best part is that the separate cold shot button helps to set the style. The device also comes with protection against overheating, of course. To maintain your hair dryer’s performance, you should clean the filter regularly. Another thoughtful feature is that the 2.8-meter cable lets you move around freely.

Material and Ergonomics

The shiny pink design gives the hairdryer an extraordinary look. The ergonomic handle design means the device is outstandingly suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users thanks to the placement of the buttons. Its balanced weight, at 515 grams, means that the dryer fits the hand well and is pleasantly lightweight, so working with the powerful HD CALIMA is comfortable and convenient even over a longer period.

Products Included

This professional hair dryer comes with two attachment nozzles in the 60 mm and 75 mm sizes.


  • Powerful professional hair dryer
  • Simple, quick hairstyling
  • Ergonomic design
  • Also suitable for left-handed users
  • Includes two attachment nozzles (60 mm and 75 mm)

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Each pair of scissors loses its initial sharpness after a while - always depending on how intensively you work with the them. Your JAGUAR scissors are professionally serviced and resharpened. Your scissors will perform optimally in any desired position and at any selected cutting angle, and the edge sharpness will be maintained.

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Care tips

Useful tips

Clean the blades and the pivot area of your JAGUAR scissors daily with a soft cloth. Then apply a drop of JAGUAR Maintenance Oil to the pivot area to achieve optimum cutting performance. Open and close the scissors several times to distribute the oil.

Care tips