ST 600


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  • Professional straigthener in stylish Lavender
  • Cutting plates with tourmaline ceramic coating
  • Auto-Shut-Off function
  • Flexibly adjustable

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Weight 433g
Special features spring-mounted heating elements, LED charge control, Auto-Off function
Length of heating element 25.4 mm
WEEE-Reg.Nr. DE 28693396
Max. temperature 230°C
Power supply corded
Color black
Cable length 3,0 m
Temperature levels variable
Min. temperature 120°C
Voltage 100 - 240 V

Hair Straightener JAGUAR ST 600

The JAGUAR ST 600 professional straightener has optimum gliding properties for effortless and perfect styling. The heating plates of the ST 600 are spring-loaded to protect the hair from excessive pressure. The temperature can also be infinitely adjusted. This makes the straightener suitable for fine hair or thick hair - depending on the setting. Thanks to the rounded plates, it is perfect for soft straightening or curling hair. See the quality for yourself. You can buy the straightener in our online shop.

Technical data

The ST 600 heats up to 200 °C in just one minute, allowing you to respond quickly to all customer requirements. The temperature can be infinitely adjusted for every hair type. The heat is precisely controlled by the intelligent microchip temperature control with LED. The hair styler switches off automatically after 60 minutes.

Material and ergonomics

The heating plates of the straightener are equipped with a tourmaline ceramic coating. The black design of the professional straightener has a timeless and high-quality look. The cable is 3 metres long and equipped with a practical swivel coupling. This means you are not restricted in your flexibility and can work freely.


  • Professional straightener with tourmaline ceramic coating
  • Flexibly adjustable
  • Auto shut-off function


Transform your styling with ease: experience the JAGUAR ST 600 in action! 

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Each pair of scissors loses its initial sharpness after a while - always depending on how intensively you work with the them. Your JAGUAR scissors are professionally serviced and resharpened. Your scissors will perform optimally in any desired position and at any selected cutting angle, and the edge sharpness will be maintained.

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Care tips

Useful tips

Clean the blades and the pivot area of your JAGUAR scissors daily with a soft cloth. Then apply a drop of JAGUAR Maintenance Oil to the pivot area to achieve optimum cutting performance. Open and close the scissors several times to distribute the oil.

Care tips
ST 600